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I know I have been REALLY inactive on here with all my posts, 9 months to be more exact. But I do have some new pictures for you guys. 

Restore The Hope Project year two<3

Austin N.
Alex H. 

Chin Up - Charlotte’s Web

My heart, thoughts, and even prayers are going to the families in Connecticut.

I can still feel the panic, fear, worry, that filled me when I heard that there had been a shooting. Tears filled my eyes as I thought of the younger members of my family. I did not yet know where it had occurred, only that it had been in Connecticut.. 

I hurriedly pulled out my phone, sent a text to my cousin asking her “The boys are alright, right? I heard some school got shot up? ARE THEY OKAY?” (I apologise now for the wording of the second question..) 

Though I was relieved that they were all okay, that it had happened in a town away, that the other younger members of my family are more than likely okay since my family in Ct. generally lives in the same area, I was still heartbroken for those families who weren’t as fortunate as I was at that moment… One of my brothers works in Newtown (lives there too, I think). My other brother, a police officer in neighbouring Waterbury, is on stand by, ready to leave at a minutes notice to the scene. He wants to, but then again he doesn’t… 

What’s happened is a tragedy.. 20 innocent children.. RIP to all those we lost today.<3

Hey guys, sorry for the constant inactivity. 

Things keep getting crazy for me and it’s a little tough finding representatives for our pictures. But I’ll keep trying.

I just wanted you all to know that I haven’t forgotten any of you.

We’re down to two admins, myself and Cheyenne. But I don’t even know where Cheyenne is, she barely posts… 

But I hope you guys had a fantastic holiday.


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Parachuting Skylines: So I was pretty inactive on here for a long while, and everyone on...


So I was pretty inactive on here for a long while, and everyone on here didn’t get the good news. Actually like one maybe two people even knew.

October 23, 2012. The date that marked a month long recovery.

November 23, 2012. The date that will mark 2 months of recovery.

It’s been a tough…

I made this post from my personal Tumblr, and thought I’d share with you guys. 

I’ve been asked about what led me into doing my “Voice Against” movement, and well this has a lot to do with it. 

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Breea (left) and Andrew L (right)
Breea (far left), Andrew (green shirt), and Mrs. Harding (far right).
I don&#8217;t know the older gentle men&#8217;s name.
Alexis (left) and Savannah (right)